Christina Courmont painting & sculpture

Christina Courmont  painting & sculpture





After living many years in San Francisco, Zürich and in Paris, I've always enjoyed visiting places in these cities that present the asian culture, such as different city districts, restaurants, museums and gardens. For example visiting the Japanese Tea Garden in the Golden Gate Park, the Tonga Room, Chinatown and it's Herbal Shops in San Francisco, the Chinese Garden in Zürich or may it be the Gardens of Albert Kahn in Boulogne Billancourt situated on the outskirts of Paris. The list of museums, galleries and art expositions is never ending. I'm very interested in chinese medecine, the meridiens, taoism and  I practice Qi-Gong for my own well-being.

Indeed, Asia has influenced strongly my life in a harmonious way and maybe yours too ?

In 1981, I studied decorating and design for four years at the School of Arts in Zürich and I also took extended interior design courses at the Ecole Boulle in Paris. I developed my skills and worked many years creating window displays and interior decorating in Paris. As the years went by, I combined my knowledge together by applying harmony, logic & convenience found in theory of Feng Shui. I also landscape gardens and I feel the surroundings and the style of a home outside should also reflect on the inside and vice versa. Here and then when I have the possiblity, I love to home-style for friends, family and in my own surroundings.

Today, I've put interior decorating to the side, but I'm always delighted to give advice if needed. However, I do give a great importance to my practice in traditional Japanese Acupressure Methods, such as the Amma & Shiatsu, which I dedicate a great amount of time and interest to (see :

 When the time is available, I continue on the side to develop my admiration for asian arts & design, which you will find here my paintings and sculptures.